Mud wrestling for Meg @ HZT Berlin BA Festival
I was in residency at HZT Berlin BA Festival where BA students developed a self-organized festival. THi the HZT program, the students are in charge of all the production aspects and also in how the manage their participation in workshops and their instructional activities.
They were having problems to decide collectively who would take a Meg Stuart workshop with a limited amount of seats.
They decided to stage a Mud Wrestling for Meg as apart of the festival.
Far out!
I had the best time! and… they did…

Conceived and hosted by Kareth Crackin’ Bonez

Contenders for the workshop: Didi Dirty Dance Maker, Pero no Mucho, Cinira Sexy, Bad Teacher, Object of Desire, Munchie Mamma, Anna Bolika, Tiger Lee, Irregular Rectangle, Lucifer, Jungle Joe, and Killah Babe.

produced by marlon barrios solano

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